Our eyes, the ‘window to the soul’, are one of the body’s most important assets. Maintaining good eye health should be a priority for all. During July, The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists (RANZCO) Eye Foundation runs its JulEYE campaign.

JulEYE aims to raise community awareness of eye health issues, as well as funds for research projects into the causes and cures of vision impairment and blindness. The campaign also supports international development projects whose goals are aligned with those of the Eye Foundation.

Doctors, pharmacists and optometrists can help find the cause of red eyes or dry eyes and advise on treatment. Your pharmacist can help you to select the right treatment for minor eye conditions like conjunctivitis and red eye. Some eye drops and ointments can be obtained from a pharmacy without a prescription. Your pharmacist will always refer you to a doctor if they feel a condition requires more attention.

Regular testing from birth encourages good eye health and helps to avoid permanent damage and vision loss. The RANZCO Eye Foundation encourages testing every two years. Ask relatives about your family’s eye health history, and have your eyes tested, during JulEYE. Your local GP or optometrist can give you a referral to an ophthalmologist for testing

Up-to-date advice about eye conditions and treatments is also available from pharmacies providing the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia’s Self Care Fact Cards. Titles include Glaucoma and Red and Dry Eyes.

For the nearest Self Care pharmacy location phone the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia on 1300 369 772, or Ask Piggotts!