Sharon Claydon, Federal Member for Newcastle, has highlighted the value of getting your flu vaccination through your local community pharmacist by getting her shot this year at Piggotts Pharmacy in Glebe Rd, Hamilton South.

Pharmacist Anthony Piggott said having Ms Claydon as a flu vaccination customer sent an important message to the community.

“This demonstrates to everyone that it is now much easier for anyone to get their flu shot with community pharmacists able to directly administer the flu vaccine,” Mr Piggott said.

Ms Claydon added “It is exciting to see our community has more options and better access to important health initiatives such as Influenza prevention.”

“What this means is our customers can just come to our pharmacy and organise their protection against this years’ flu strain. I still recommend that seeing your GP is the best choice for many patients, however it does not suit everybody. Gone are the days of having to go to the doctor, getting a prescription, taking it to the pharmacy to be dispensed, and then returning to the doctor to get the injection.

“This was not only time-consuming and expensive, but also acted as a disincentive for many people to have a flu shot. Now they can come into our pharmacy and in a very short time get their vaccination and are protected against this disease.”

Mr Piggott said the availability of flu shots through community pharmacies was important for rural communities such as those in the Hunter region.

“The availability of vaccination by pharmacists in rural areas greatly assists the community’s access to protection against the flu where previously they may have not had accessibility or access was difficult and cumbersome,” he said.

“In the short time that community pharmacists have been able to administer the vaccine we have found there has been a high percentage of people being vaccinated for the first time.”

Mr Piggott stressed that pharmacists giving the shot had to undergo special training.

“This ensures we have the knowledge and skills to both deliver the vaccine safely and effectively, as well as being able to identify and treat any possible side effects.”

Visit your local Piggott’s Pharmacy today for you flu vaccine and stay protected this winter.