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Whether you need to pick up a prescription or just need advice, come into your local Piggotts Pharmacy today and make your health your number one priority!
Pharmacy compounding is the science of preparing personalised medications for patients. At our Piggotts Pharmacy in Lambton, we have the ability to compound more complex prescriptions so that individual ingredients are mixed together in the exact strength and dosage form required by the patient. For example if you require a medicine that is not readily available, or you are sensitive or allergic to a preservative found in your medicine. Or perhaps you or your child has trouble taking their medicine?
For businesses with more than 20 employees requiring vaccination, Piggott’s Pharmacy will vaccinate on your business premises, for no additional expense (Call Anthony on 0410 109 157 to arrange) OR why not set up an account across the 5 Piggott’s Pharmacies and your staff can drop by as it suits?

For just $20 per vaccine, keeping your workforce healthy is money well spent!

Offering flu vaccinations to your employees allows your business to:

  • Reduces absenteeism due to influenza by25-35%
  • Promote a healthy workforce
  • Demonstrates your companies interest in the workforce health and wellbeing
  • Increases the works ‘Herd Community’ to reduce the spread of the virus
  • Limits employee disruption and increased workloads for employee that are not infected
  • Reduces absence due to medical appointments

Flu symptoms tend to develop abruptly one to three days after infection and can include: tiredness, high fever, chills, headache, coughing, sneezing, runny noses, poor appetite and muscle aches.

Incubation Period: 24 – 72 hours

Symptoms: 3 – 7 days

Recovery: Up to 4 weeks

Protect yourself from the nasty Flu virus this season, get you and your loved ones vaccinated in-store at Piggott’s Pharmacy.

This upcoming Flu Season is tipped to be one of the most severe ever. Given that the Northern Hemisphere has just come through a particularly nasty Flu season, history and science indicates that Australia will follow with a similar strain. This means it is pertinent to assess your Flu Vaccination situation.

Visit your local Piggott’s Pharmacy for your flu vaccine and stay protected this winter. No appointment is necessary. No script required, just drop in today!

Join for just $15 a fortnight for all you pbs scripts. Ask in-store for more details.
Check your blood pressure regularly and easily at one of our Piggotts stores by our trained staff.

You can hire wheelchairs, crutches, Sleep Support products and more through Piggotts. Come in-store today for more details.

MedAdvisor is your pocket pharmacist who works with your local Piggotts to help you take your medicines safely, effectively and on time. MedAdvisor is available for you to access on iPhone, iPad, Android or on your desktop. Ask one of our pharmacists for more details.
We offer all our clients a Rewards Card to show how much we value them choosing Piggotts as their preferred Pharmacy. For every $20 you spend in-store, you get $1 off your next purchase. *Does not include specials or dispensary items.
If you are unwell or unable to go to work we can provide you with a medical certificate. Ask one of our Piggotts Pharmacists for more details.


This is a fantastic community pharmacy. The pharmacists are compassionate and always happy to answer questions. The staff are very friendly and helpful.

Duncan Howley
On a street with four pharmacies I now walk past the others to go to Piggott’s because of the pharmacists. They really go the extra mile in dispensing, which I really appreciated when I was struggling to fill a prescription.
Elle Tee
Staff always go above and beyond and are friendly and efficient. Pharmacists are caring, always take the time to talk to you and are very knowledgeable.
Aimee K

Our Mission

Piggott’s NDIS Providers aims to provide the same care and quality of service that have been instilled in Piggott’s Pharmacy for the last 52 years. With our NDIS services, we make living independently easier for people in the community.

Our Vision

We envision Piggott’s NDIS Providers as the go-to trusted provider of NDIS services in the Newcastle area. We want to help people in the community gain access to the mobility equipment and health services they need to improve their quality of life.

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